Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meat Water... wtf, mate?

No... this is not a joke.

Meat Water--the High Efficiency Survival Beverage--is quite real and infinitely more disturbing. There is so much wrong with this product I don't even know where to start.

Perhaps it is the liquifying of the corpses of animals into a cold and refreshing work-out beverage. Perhaps it is the advertisments' heavy machismo which promote the product as having/giving you "more balls." (are they referring to the balls of the (male) consumer or the liquified testees that he is drinking?).

Perhaps it is the fact the drink comes in flavor ranging from haggis to peking duck to numerous other "meats" which I have never heard of. Perhaps it is the idea that "meatwater" is more nutritious than tap water, that one can eat a full "english breakfast" in a bottle of liquid--a classic example of nutritionism.

Or perhaps it is the marketing of male identity or the perpetuation of the "High efficiency" philosophy of modernity can befriend the viril romantic's obsession with "the will to power."

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